VTOL Electric Team

Vertical Take-off and Landing Vehicle

Vehículo de despegue y aterrizaje vertical

Be the first high school team to design, build, test and fly a one person VTOL in the RGV

Sea el primer equipo de la escuela secundaria en diseñar, construir, probar y volar un VTOL de una persona en el RGV

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Grade Levels: 9th - 12th 

Challenge Level: Challenging

Teams: Boys & Girls or Girls Only

 Be the first high school team to design and build a fully functioning, one passenger VTOL!

STARTS September 6th, 2022!!

Students learn to research, understand electrical components and schematics and build a solar-electric vehicle. 


Notice: It may take up to a 1 1/2 years to go from research, design and build to complete the vehicle.

Team Make-up

  1. Captain

    1. Assistant Captain​

  2. Electrical

    1. Lead Engimineer

    2. Assistants

  3. Mechanical

    1. Lead Engimineer

    2. Assistants

  4. PLC (Programming Logic Controller)

    1. Lead Engimineer

    2. Assistants

  5. Media

    1. Lead Engimineer

    2. Assistants

The Camp will be broken down into the following:

  • Camp 1: Research --> September 6th, 2022

    • 2 Months

      Students will learn...


      • electric vehicles and their function by researching.

      • mechanical and electrical systems (primary and secondary)

      • motors and fans, functions and connections, designs. etc...

      • Ohm's Law, physics and other equations

      • how to read, draw and implement electrical schematics and blueprints

      • research different types of designs of VTOL vehicles

  • Camp 2: Design

    • 4 Months

      Students will learn...


      • to use Autodesk Inventor to design and 3D print small-scale prototype​

      • to design and build small-scale electrical system

      • to design and build actual size prototype using PVC pipes

      • to choose material and electrical components

      • to fund raise for purchasing electrical and mechanical components

  • Camp 3: Build

    • 1 Year*

      Students will learn...


      • build a 1/4 scale size prototype of the frame 

      • build a full size prototype of the frame 

      • If welding steel, a professional will teach the mechanical team basic welding techniques​

      • install all mechanical and electrical systems and components

  • Camp 4: Testing

    • 1 Month

      Students will learn...


      • test all systems for potential failures

      • fix or resolve any remaining issues

      • test drive the vehicle in dedicated areas

      • promote vehicle​